“2000%” Support for President Trump

James Tried to Erase Video Declaring His 2000%

James to Attend Trump-Headlined Fundraiser Tomorrow

Of all the things failed Senate Candidate John James is trying to hide from Michigan voters, his “2000%” support for Trump is at the top of the list. James infamously declared his unwavering support for the president and his agenda in a video he later erased, along with hundreds of other posts. 

James’ Trump identity crisis has been well documented. He was caught cropping Trump’s name out of pictures. James repeatedly “remained silent on the President’s conduct” and has failed to name a single issue that he disagrees with Trump on.But even though he tried to hide his support for Trump from the public, privately, Trump remains James’ “No. 1 ally.” Trump sent a fundraising email containing a 100% endorsement of James’ campaign, and James is set to attend a two day fundraising retreat tomorrow with the president.