Conservative Radio Host Slams John James for Hiding: “He Doesn’t Want to Do Interviews Right Now, and I Don’t Know Why. It Makes No Sense to Me.”

Beckmann: “He’d Have a Better Chance of Getting That Message Out if He Actually Talked About It.”

Conservative radio host Frank Beckmann slammed John James for hiding from Michigan voters and media for months. Even Beckmann, who has praised James in the past, is getting fed up with his refusal to even answer basic questions from local reporters. 

Listen to his criticism of James’ absent campaign HERE

BECKMANN: I have not spoken with John James, he doesn’t want to do interviews right now, and I don’t know why. It makes no sense to me. But, but it’s his choice so that’s his business. But I hear what you’re saying, and I think he’d have a better chance of getting that message out if he actually talked about it.

James hasn’t appeared in public since he attended the rally where Trump insulted the Dingell family over a month ago. He didn’t condemn the president’s comments and he hasn’t answered a question on that incident or anything else: it’s been 129 days since he spoke to a Michigan newspaper and 236 days since he spoke to a Michigan TV station.



John James took nearly $2 million in tax breaks on the condition that he would create 108 jobs — instead, he cut 32 Michigan jobs. Why did John James break his promise and lie to Michiganders?