In Another Attempt to Erase Health Care Record, James, Echoes Trump’s Blatant Lie That He’ll “Always Protect Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions”

During this week’s State of the Union, failed Senate candidate John James attempted once again to erase his position on health care by tweeting President Trump’s lie that “we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.” The false statement that James echoed immediately earned a “Pants on Fire” fact check from Politifact, stating: “the president’s claim misrepresents his efforts to repeal the health care law in court without offering a replacement that might maintain its protections.”

This tweet is James’ latest effort to deceive Michiganders, after he deleted a video of himself calling the law that protects pre-existing conditions coverage for 1.7 million Michiganders a “monstrosity” and vowing to repeal it as senator. James has also said he supports President Trump “2,000%” – even as Trump is overseeing a GOP lawsuit that poses “the most immediate threat” to protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions.