It’s 2020 and John James is Still Hiding from Michigan

WILS: James “Hasn’t Been Doing a Lot of In-State Media” 

Gongwer: “James Has Largely Kept…Away from Media in the Months Since First Announcing His Candidacy”

Failed Senate candidate John James finished 2019 the same way he started it: hiding from Michigan. James continued to duck questions and local reporters in the closing days of the year, refusing to comment on an investigation into his 2018 campaign or about President Trump’s disgraceful attack against the Dingells. For months, local press has slammed James for ducking their questions. And with James still in hiding, their criticism will likely continue into the new year.

Here’s the local coverage in recent weeks on James’ hiding: 

  • WILS’ Dave Akerly: “John James, his challenger on the GOP side, he hasn’t been doing a lot of in-state media – and that rankles some around him that we mention that, but it’s the truth. Very controlled where they have him, whether it’s in person or television…”
  • Gongwer: Mr. James has largely kept to private and party events away from media in the months since first announcing his candidacy”
  • MIRS’ Kyle Melinn: He doesn’t want to say something too early that the Peters people could pound him over the head on later in the campaign.”
  • MIRS:This year, James became Michigan’s first 2020 U.S. Senate candidate without inviting earned media attention…MIRS has learned James had made it his campaign strategy to avoid media…”

And here are the most recent questions James has refused to answer: 

The Detroit News: Cash, Claims of Illegality Already Flying in Michigan’s Senate Race

The Federal Election Commission’s nonpartisan Office of General Counsel said there was reason to believe Outsider PAC had improperly republished material from the James campaign, according to a March letter. The office proposed using a “compulsory process,” which can include subpoenas, to get more information…The James campaign didn’t respond to a request for additional information.

Detroit Free Press: Even Some Republicans Say Trump Should Apologize for Suggesting John Dingell’s in Hell

Some politicians made no mention of it, however — including John James, the Republican businessman and former Army helicopter pilot looking to take on Peters in next year’s election. James said nothing publicly after appearing with Trump at the rally. Also silent was Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, a Michigander who attended Trump’s rally.

Gongwer: Bipartisan Revulsion Follows Trump’s John Dingell In Hell Comment

…Also not responding to a request for comment was the campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James, who delivered a speech Wednesday evening to the Battle Creek crowd before the president’s arrival.