James Attends Another Out-of-State Fundraiser, Has Gone Hundreds of Days Without Answering Michiganders’ Questions

James in Florida With Wealthy Donors, Has Been 35 Days Since Last Public Appearance, 123 Days Since He Answered Questions from Michigan Newspaper and 230 Days Since He Spoke to Michigan TV Station

Failed Senate candidate John James once again headed to an out-of-state fundraiser last night while still hiding from Michigan voters and refuses to answer questions from local reporters. Instead of talking to Michigan, James flew to Florida to rub elbows with wealthy GOP donors. 

Meanwhile James is still hiding from Michiganders. He hasn’t appeared in public in over a month when he attended the rally where Trump insulted the Dingell family. He didn’t condemn the president’s comments, despite calls to do so from other Republicans, and he hasn’t answered a question on that incident or anything: it’s been 123 days since he spoke to a Michigan newspaper and 230 days since he spoke to a Michigan TV station.

James has been ducking important questions. In addition to his silence on Trump’s attacks on the Dingells, he refused to comment on the U.S. conflict with Iran, his meeting with indicted foreign agent Lev Parnas, Mitch McConnell’s effort to block witnesses in the impeachment trial, or the ongoing GOP lawsuit to gut the Affordable Care Act



John James took nearly $2 million in tax breaks on the condition that he would create 108 jobs — instead, he cut 32 Michigan jobs. Why did John James break his promise and lie to Michiganders?