John James Revealed: After Accepting Trump’s “Total and Complete” Endorsement, James Doubles Down on Trump Agenda to Take Away Health Care

John James refuses to break with Trump on lawsuit to repeal protections for pre-existing conditions

Failed politician and failed businessman John James received Trump’s “total and complete endorsement” at a rally in Michigan in exchange for being “all for” the Trump agenda, which includes gutting protections for pre-existing conditions.

Despite echoing Trump’s empty promise to protect people with pre-existing conditions, James refused to break from the President as he pushes a lawsuit which would repeal the health care law that protects 1.7 million Michiganders with pre-existing conditions. And James still has “no meaningful plan” to protect people with pre-existing conditions. 

Read more on James empty health care promises: 

  • MLive, 9/10:James declined to comment when MLive asked where he stands on a lawsuit challenging the ACA in a recent interview. The Trump administration supported the lawsuit, which would repeal the health care law if successful.”
  • Detroit Free Press, 9/10: “James has said that he supports protecting coverage for preexisting conditions but has not detailed how he would do that nor has he come out against the Trump administration’s fight in the U.S. Supreme Court to have the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, ruled unconstitutional, which would end those protections.”
  • Michigan Chronicle, 9/9: James has reiterated his strong support for Trump and continued to call for Obamacare’s destruction – which he has called a “monstrosity” – while offering no meaningful plan for replacing it.”

“John James has once again proven he cares more about staying loyal to Trump than doing what’s right for the 1.7 million Michiganders with pre-existing conditions whose protections are on the line,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “Health care is on the ballot in November and James has made clear Michigan can’t trust him to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.”

The Michigan Democratic Party launched to hold the failed U.S. Senate candidate accountable for his positions – including those made over the course of the 2018 campaign that he then tried to delete after losing that campaign. For the first year of his campaign, James was largely in hiding from Michigan press and voters to try to paper over his out-of-touch record, and has only come out of hiding after facing scrutiny from Michiganders.