John James Revealed: Betsy DeVos is “Doing…Very, Very Good”

“The Job Betsy DeVos Is Doing in Public Education, I Think Is Very Very Good.”

James Has Taken $73,100 from Betsy DeVos and DeVos Family since 2017

John James is a *big* fan of President Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her policies that have hurt Michigan students. Last year, James praised DeVos — saying she was doing “very, very good.” It’s no surprise that he’s such a devoted supporter: DeVos and her family have also donated over $73,000 to James’ campaigns since 2017. As James loaded up on campaign cash, DeVos has repeatedly weakened rules on for-profit colleges allowing them to take advantage of students struggling with student loans.
Listen to John James praise one of his top donors here: 

“The job Betsy DeVos is doing in public education, I think is very very good.”

Here’s a sampling of what James apparently calls “very, very good”: 

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