John James Revealed: James Called Trump’s Tax Giveaway to Corporations and Billionaires “A Big Beautiful Trump Economic Rocket Ship”

Washington Post: Billionaires Now Pay Lower Taxes than Working Class

Federal Deficit Now Over $1 Trillion Because of Tax Giveaway

Failed Senate candidate John James posted a video of himself praising President Trump’s economic policies last summer, including his tax giveaway to billionaires and the giant corporations, calling them a “big beautiful Trump economic rocket ship.” As part of his 2000% support for the president’s agenda, James pledged to help Trump further his economic agenda if he got to Washington.

“Our president needs more folks to help him in office, to get his economic policies — his economic policies — we’re stronger than we’ve ever been. This isn’t a Trump bump, this is a big beautiful Trump economic rocket ship.”

Trump’s tax law was a giant boon for the ultra-wealthy and massive corporations, but not for the middle class. The Washington Post reported that last year was the first time bIllionaires paid lower taxes than working class Americans. It also blew a giant hole in the federal budget, with the deficit now ballooning to over $1 trillion and threatening Social Security and Medicare.