John James Revealed: John James Hid from Michiganders for Over a Year, Now Trying to Flip Flop With Empty Promises

James’ first “plan” after over a year of hiding is full of empty promises and platitudes 

Failed politician John James has been forced to come out of hiding after months of pressure mounted by Michigan press and pundits – but he’s still refusing to get into the substance of his positions. James has yet to outline any specific policy solution or a platform aside from a vague “plan” ripping off the extensive list of legislative wins Senator Gary Peters has delivered for Michigan.

James was previously in hiding for over a year since launching his campaign, refusing to speak with Michigan press or hold public events for voters – a strategy that predated the spread of COVID-19 by at least nine months. Instead he opted to regularly appear on Fox News and cozy up to out-of-state GOP mega-donors. 

“John James has spent the past year hiding from Michiganders in an effort to paper over his years-long record of vowing to take away health care and standing ‘2000%’ with Trump. By trying to rewrite his record with platitudes and no specifics just months before the election, James has made clear he’ll say anything to get elected and can’t be trusted to be an independent voice for Michigan families,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Elena Kuhn.

The Michigan Democratic Party launched to hold the failed U.S. Senate candidate accountable for his positions – including those made over the course of the 2018 campaign that he then tried to delete after losing that campaign. For the first year of his campaign, James was largely in hiding from  Michigan press and voters  to try to paper over his out-of-touch record, and has only come out of hiding after facing scrutiny from Michiganders. .