John James Revealed: John James Would Stand “2,000%” With Trump Even When It Hurts MI Farmers

After a year of hiding, James “tour” is full of empty promises 

Failed politician John James is attempting to paper over his bad for Michigan agenda with a “tour” that offers nothing more than empty promises. But despite James trying to rewrite his positions, he supports Trump “2,000%” and is “all for” the Trump agenda, which has failed Michigan farmers. 

James silently stood behind the President as his erratic trade wars threatened the livelihood of farmers and over a dozen Michigan farms went bankrupt last year. James also said he’d vote against a bill that provided millions to support farmers in need of emergency loan funding and grants to promote rural small business and develop broadband in rural areas. 

“Michigan farmers have suffered under Trump’s scattershot trade wars. Yet, John James stood behind the president even as he got rolled by China while Michiganders paid the price,” said Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Elena Kuhn. “James’ track record shows he’d stand with Trump and be a rubber stamp for Washington Republicans even if it means leaving Michigan farmers behind.”

The Michigan Democratic Party launched to hold the failed U.S. Senate candidate accountable for his positions – including those made over the course of the 2018 campaign that he then tried to delete after losing that campaign. For the first year of his campaign, James was largely in hiding from  Michigan press and voters  to try to paper over his out-of-touch record, and has only come out of hiding after facing scrutiny from Michiganders. .