John James Revealed: Rudy Giuliani Called James His ‘New Best Friend’ Before Arranging a Private Meeting Between James and Indicted Foreign Agent Lev Parnas

Lev Parnas Now Cooperating with Impeachment Investigations into Trump’s Call with Ukraine, Admits Telling Ukraine to Announce An Investigation Into Trump’s Political Rival “Or Else Vice President Mike Pence Would Not Attend The Swearing-in Of The New President, And The United States Would Freeze Aid”

Last November, President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani tweeted about meeting with his “NBF” – new best friend – John James on the same day that he arranged a sitdown meeting with indicted foreign agent Lev Parnas. Parnas was recently indicted for seeking “political favors” through campaign donations to Republican politicians. Based on multiple photos from private and public social media accounts, James met with Parnas at least twice that day. 

The New York Times reports this week that Parnas was intimately involved in President Trump’s decision to withhold aid to Ukraine until they agreed to investigate his political opponent. He is now cooperating with the investigation. James has still refused to explain what was discussed during the meetings.