John James Revealed: Two Years Ago Today, Republicans Added Provision Gutting Key ACA Measure to the Tax Law John James Called a “Massive Christmas Present”

James Fully Supported Tax Giveaway to Billionaires that Also Threatened Health Coverage for Millions of Americans

James Called the ACA a “Monstrosity

Two years ago today, Republicans in Washington inserted a provision gutting a key measure of the Affordable Care Act to the GOP tax bill that failed Senate candidate John James called a “massive Christmas present.” Not only did James fully support the tax giveaway to billionaires and giant corporations, he has also backed the GOP’s repeated efforts to undermine the health care of millions of Michiganders. Republicans have used the tax bill as justification for the “Trump-backed lawsuit [to] destroy” the health care law, threatening coverage for 1.7 million Michiganders with a pre-existing condition. James called the health care law a “monstrosity” in a video he later tried to delete.

Watch John James call the GOP tax law a “massive Christmas present” HERE:

“The biggest thing is tax reform and tax reform got done. Our president has kept his promises to the American people and he’s delivered tax reform and signed it into law before Christmas. And this was a massive Christmas present.”




John James took nearly $2 million in tax breaks on the condition that he would create 108 jobs — instead, he cut 32 Michigan jobs. Why did John James break his promise and lie to Michiganders?