John James Revealed: With 50 Days to Election, John James Leaves No Doubt He’s “All For” Trump Agenda, Can’t Be Trusted to Fight for Michigan

In the final sprint to Election Day, failed politician and failed businessman John James has doubled down on his “2,000%” support for Trump. Despite months of trying to paper over his record and have it both ways, the truth is James recently earned Trump’s “total and complete endorsement” because he’ll be a reliable vote for Trump and Mitch McConnell’s toxic agenda which has failed Michigan. 

Just like Trump, James broke his promises to Michigan

James has made clear he’s “all for” the Trump agenda which includes gutting protections for pre-existing conditions, threatening Social Security, and his mismanaged Coronavirus response which has cost nearly 7,000 Michigan lives and left roughly 2.6 million Michiganders unemployed. 

And just like Trump, James has taken a page from the “Art of the Deal” playbook by taking nearly $2 million in tax breaks while failing to create the jobs promised and actually cutting Michigan jobs – and then lying about being a successful Michigan job creator at a time when he had “failed to create a single job in Michigan.” 

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James can’t be trusted to protect Michiganders with pre-existing conditions

James has said in his own words that the Affordable Care Act is a “monstrosity” and promised to “work [his] tail off” to repeal it if elected. But he “has not detailed” how he would protect people with pre-existing conditions, and has “declined to comment” on the Trump-GOP led lawsuit which could gut coverage for pre-existing conditions within a year. And James fully supports the GOP tax scam that made the lawsuit to take away health care possible, calling it a “massive Christmas present.”

If James had his way, the law which protects 1.7 million Michiganders with pre-existing conditions would be overturned – and he has offered “no meaningful plan for replacing it” or protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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James is Mitch McConnell, Betsy DeVos and GOP mega donors’ hand-picked candidate 

John James is a favorite candidate of Mitch McConnell, Betsy DeVos, Dick Uihlein and far-right GOP mega donors because they know he’ll be a rubber stamp for their agenda which puts special interests and billionaires first. James’ special interest backers have gone in big to boost him on the airwaves with baseless smears that have been fact-checked and exposed for their false attacks. James has even faced scrutiny for desperately soliciting dark money, outside support. 

He’s also benefited from a “cozy relationship” with Betsy DeVos’ family, who gave nearly a million dollars in seed money to set up a shady super PAC run by James’ former campaign manager. James says DeVos is doing “very, very good” in her role as Secretary of Education and aligns with her anti-education agenda which has failed Michigan students.

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The Michigan Democratic Party launched to hold the failed U.S. Senate candidate accountable for his positions – including those made over the course of the 2018 campaign that he then tried to delete after losing that campaign. For the first year of his campaign, James was largely in hiding from Michigan press and voters to try to paper over his out-of-touch record, and has only come out of hiding after facing scrutiny from Michiganders.