MDP Launches New Digital Ad “Hiding” Hitting John James for Hiding from Michigan Voters

Ad Will Run as Part of A Statewide Digital Buy

Today, the Michigan Democratic Party launched a new digital ad “Hiding” to highlight John James’ refusal to appear in public or answer questions from Michigan voters or local media. The ad highlights recent criticism of James from WJR’s conservative commentators Frank Beckmann and Paul W. Smith. Beckmann and Smith slammed James for refusing to answer even basic questions from Michigan media. 

Watch the ad HERE

John James has been hiding from Michigan voters for so long, even conservatives are fed up with him,” said MDP spokesperson Alex Japko. “James has repeatedly refused to answer questions about his “2000%” support for President Trump and Mitch McConnell, his rigid views on reproductive rights, and lingering questions about alleged coordination between his campaign and a Dark Money group. It’s time for James to come out of hiding and start giving Michigan voters some answers.” 

James hasn’t appeared in public since he attended the rally where Trump insulted the Dingell family over a month ago. He didn’t condemn the president’s comments and he hasn’t answered a question on that incident or anything else: it’s been 131 days since he spoke to a Michigan newspaper and 238 days since he spoke to a Michigan TV station.