MEMO: As Donald Trump Is Set To Arrive In Michigan, Senate Candidate John James “All For” Trump’s Agenda

May 20, 2020

To: Interested Parties

From: Elena Kuhn, Michigan Democratic Party Spokesperson

Subject: As Donald Trump Is Set To Arrive In Michigan, Senate Candidate John James “All For” Trump’s Agenda 

As President Donald Trump is set to visit Michigan for a political photo op, failed politician John James continues to tout his “2,000%” support and loyalty to Trump. This comes days after James was caught trying to distance himself from the President in a private meeting with African American leaders in metro Detroit and as he attempts to restart his flailing campaign with new TV ads. 

While James has tried to hide from and mislead Michiganders on his record, it’s clear he will be a reliable rubber stamp for the disastrous Trump agenda. 

Hiding From Michiganders

  • John James entered the race facing questions about why he deleted hundreds of social media posts including videos expressing “2,000%” support for Trump and his support for repealing the ACA. 
  • Even before the coronavirus pandemic, James hid from Michigan TV for the first 335 days of his campaign and refused to do an interview with Michigan print media for 231 days because he doesn’t want to be transparent on his rigid and uncompromising positions, which are out of touch with Michiganders. 
  • James’ absent campaign has been propped up by GOP mega-donors like Dick Uihlein and the DeVos family, who have funneled millions to benefit James.
  • While hiding from Michigan press and voters, he’s refused to answer questions on his record, notably on health care, even as the pandemic hits Michigan harder than nearly anywhere else in the country.

Trying to Have It Both Ways On Trump 

  • James was recently caught trying to create distance from Trump in a private meeting with African American community leaders in Detroit, after years of standing by his pledge to support Trump “2,000%”. 
  • James quickly scrambled to save face and was forced to give his first print interview in hundreds of days to make clear that he “supports the President.” Donald Trump Jr. has since confirmed that John James is “all for” for the president’s agenda. 

Out-of-Touch Agenda with Michigan

John James has a record of supporting toxic policies that are bad for Michigan. 

  • “2,000%” Support for Trump: James has previously promised to support the president’s agenda “2,000%” which includes his attacks on health care, his tax giveaway for giant corporations and the wealthy, and draconian restrictions on reproductive rights.
  • Vowing to Repeal the ACA: James has called the ACA a “monstrosity” and promised to “work [his] tail off” to remove it if elected. He’s also been endorsed by far right groups like the American Conservative Union, Senate Conservatives Fund, and the Koch-funded FreedomWorks that only endorse candidates who support repealing the ACA. James has refused to answer questions on Trump blocking a special ACA open enrollment period and the GOP-led lawsuit to dismantle the ACA that would strip away protections for 1.7 million Michiganders with a pre-existing condition.
  • Pro-DeVos Agenda: James has said he believes Betsy DeVos is doing a “very, very good” job as Education Secretary. The DeVos family and their network have invested heavily in James, pumping nearly a million dollars into a shady super PAC run by his former campaign manager to support him. 
  • Anti-Choice: He opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest and cases where the life of the mother is at risk. He believes Roe v. Wade should be overturned and states should be free to restrict reproductive rights as much as they want.
  • Anti-Environment: In addition to his 2,000% support for Trump’s anti-environment agenda, James said he would have voted against a bipartisan budget that provided full funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. 
  • Anti-LGBTQ: James campaigned in 2018 on marriage “being between one man and one woman.” James also refuses to support legal anti-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ community.