Michigan Radio Hosts Double Down On Criticism of James for Hiding: “Why Isn’t He Doing Interviews?”

“We Really Haven’t Thought About Him Very Much Because He’s Not Out There.” 

Conservative radio personality Frank Beckmann joined the Paul W. Smith Show to once again voice his criticism of John James’ refusal to talk to Michigan voters or local media. The hosts all agreed with Beckmann’s assessment that James has been hiding from questions for months, and wondered why he was so afraid to talk to anyone in the entire state of Michigan. 

Listen to them double down on their criticism of James HERE

BECKMANN: Let me read the headline, here. This was a release from the Michigan Democrat Party. Conservative radio host slams John James for hiding. “He doesn’t want to do interviews right now and I don’t know why. It makes no sense to me.”  Then Beckmann, “he’d have a better chance of getting that message out if he actually talked about it.” Duh. All true.

HOST #1: That’s true.

BECKMANN: Yeah, all true. I don’t know that I slammed him for not coming out.

HOST #1: It’s not the right word.

BECKMANN: I just mentioned that he’s not doing interviews and I don’t understand.

HOST #1: Why isn’t he doing interviews?

BECKMANN: I have no idea.

HOST #2: Why would he not be? He did interviews like crazy last time that he ran, why wouldn’t he now?

BECKMANN: Maybe because he lost. And he figures, I’ll go with a new strategy here.

HOST #2: So he’s doing everything opposite of what he did?


HOST #1: Is he using any medium? Like social or anything to get his message out? Because we haven’t seen a lot, have we dub?

BECKMANN: I really don’t know.

HOST #2: The truth of the matter is, we haven’t — I asked Dan earlier I said, come to think of it, we really haven’t thought about him very much because he’s not out there.

BECKMANN: Yeah. Well yeah. They used – in the release, they used the quote right from the air. And it’s accurate. Here’s what I said. “I have not spoken with John James. He doesn’t want to do interviews right now. I don’t know why. It makes no sense to me. But it’s his choice, so that’s his business. I hear what you’re saying” – it was to a caller. “And I think he’d have a better chance of getting that message out if he actually talked about it.”

HOST #1: Right on.


HOST #2: You know, you question their use of the word slamming John James, but let’s face it Frank, you do have a subtle way of pointing out when somebody won’t come on the show with you on your, let’s just say disappointment.

HOST #1: Subtle and clever. 

James hasn’t appeared in public since he attended the rally where Trump insulted the Dingell family over a month ago. He didn’t condemn the president’s comments and he hasn’t answered a question on that incident or anything else: it’s been 130 days since he spoke to a Michigan newspaper and 237 days since he spoke to a Michigan TV station.