Weekly Update: John James Revealed By The Numbers

“James has been pretty absent from the public well before COVID-19” – WPBN (5/7/20)

This week, failed politician John James broke his silence for a “rare, short” interview to praise Trump’s botched Coronavirus response, and attempt to reintroduce himself with a new TV ad full of recycled slogans and no substance.

But even as James tries to move the needle for his “absent” campaign after facing growing scrutiny for dodging Michiganders, he still can’t paper over his out-of-touch positions. James has refused to answer questions on his health care record, but praised Trump even as he’s doubling down on “terminat(ing) health care” during the pandemic. 

James’ reboot also comes on the one year anniversary of the revelations of him deleting hundreds of social media posts expressing support for policies that would hurt Michigan families including supporting Trump ‘2,000%’ and vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  

Watch what others are saying on James’ absence over the past year:

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The Michigan Democratic Party launched JohnJamesRevealed.com to hold the failed U.S. Senate candidate accountable for his positions – including those made over the course of the 2018 campaign that he then tried to delete after losing that campaign. Since announcing he’d run again, just over six months after his last failed bid, James has been hiding from Michigan voters and refusing to answer questions from Michigan media.